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Beauty Shop Name Ideas: Naming Your Beauty Business

There’s no doubt about it – beauty is big business.

Once the domain of cosmetic giants such as L’Oreal and Max Factor, the market has widened considerably in recent years with new brands, new products, and new ranges to suit every age and skin tone.

And it’s profitable – in 2018, Fenty Beauty made an estimated $570 million in revenue, while Kylie Cosmetics is valued at $1.2 billion.

But, if you’re not a globally recognised superstar like Rhianna or Kylie Jenner, how do you find the perfect name for your beauty business?

What is your business model?

In a crowded and competitive market, it helps to be specific – so, if you’re focusing on brows, then there would be little point calling your business “Luscious Lips”.

Calling it “The Eyes Have It”, on the other hand, gives a clearer indication of what you’re about – and would give you leeway to widen your model to shadows, mascaras, and eyeliners at a later point, if you wanted to.

If you do have plans to expand your offering at some later point, then incorporating more general terms like ‘beauty’ or ‘spa’ leave your options open. Or why not take a leaf from Charlotte Tilbury’s book and stamp your own identity on your business?

Decide also on your businesses model – are you aiming for the value for money end of the market or are you all about aspirational lifestyles? Make sure your name reflects that.

Check out the competition

A little competitor analysis is never a bad thing. Identify which businesses operate in your sphere and which are successful.

Do they have memorable names? If so, why? Do some market research – ask your friends and family how they view certain brands and what message their business name conveys.

Generally speaking, the shorter the name, the stronger it sounds, and the more memorable it is likely to be. This makes it easier to brand.

Alliteration – such as “Blushing Beauty” and “Skincare Spa” – is widely used in the beauty sector.

One final point on naming your beauty business is that you must get that name out there – not just online, but with business cards, flyers, and brochures.

Then you could be well on your way to becoming the next Clarins or Kylie.


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