Christmas is looming on the horizon, but in a way we've never seen...

As Christmas looms on the horizon in a way we've never seen before, the ability to buy personalised products is more appealing than ever...

One of the most respected service companies in the world – Deloitte – has created a report on consumer spending which throws up some really interesting findings on the importance of being able to personalise products.

In its Consumer Spending report, the organisation said: “in the future businesses that do not incorporate an element of personalisation into their offering risk losing revenue and customer loyalty.”

This remark fits very closely with our own thoughts and how there’s never been a better time to give our products your own personal touch.

We’ve seen steady growth in our own ranges of personalised products which can be branded up for companies to use as corporate gifts, an incentive for new customers or just to act as a timely reminder for clients about your services.

With the limits currently on face-to-face meetings, there’s never been a better time to find an alternative and highly visible way of remaining front of mind – whether its an advent calendar with a company logo on it to branded health and safety essentials.

Personalised products benefit everyone – from the customer who feels they have received something bespoke to the seller who can showcase variety and innovation.

This again is borne out by the Deloitte report which says “offering mass personalisation gives businesses the opportunity to demonstrate the value customers get from their personal data being used.”

At the same time, businesses gain insight into consumer behaviour. It also allows businesses to simplify their product and service range which means lower marketing and production costs while creating more predictable demand.

In addition, it makes it easier for consumers to understand the offer while getting better value for money.

With Christmas looming on the horizon in a way we have never seen before, the ability to buy personalised products is more appealing than ever before.

We have numerous products that can be personalised throughout the year, as well as our festive ranges which include everything from Christmas crackers to wrapping paper.

Add that to the fact that we have made uploading artwork and creating a unique item really simple and it means there’s a huge opportunity here to really make the most of.

We built Where The Trade Buys so that customers can have a one-stop-show which is easy to use, which offers split delivery and adapts to current trends.

At this particular time of year there really are some unprecedented opportunities - but of course remember, Where The Trade Buys is not just for Christmas!

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