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Help Your Students Create Something To Treasure

Although school closures proved to be difficult for families everywhere, children still found ways to express their creativity and bring the whole family together in a beautiful way. Rainbows appeared in windows all across the country, creating a network of care, creativity, and moral support when we need it most. We have a lot to thank our children and students for during these difficult times, so let’s make sure they never forget the role they played in supporting others during lockdown.

A ‘When We Were Apart Yearbook’ is the perfect way to collect precious memories of this time and treasure them for years to come.

Get creative

Most kids won’t need a lot of help with step one. From drawing pictures of rainbows to writing creative stories, it is important to encourage kids to keep creating during lockdown. So, make sure that your online class has plenty of creative prompts.

For younger age groups, drawing and painting are perfect outlets. You could encourage children from these year groups to draw a picture of their family, their pet, or any expression of what their life looks like under lockdown. They’re sure to be missing their school pals a lot right now, so why not encourage them to draw a picture or make a card for one of their closest friends? All of these gems of creativity would be fantastic additions to a ‘When We Were Apart Yearbook’.

For older key stages, prompts could include poetry, creative writing, or photography. Ask them to express what lockdown has meant to them and their family and prepare to be amazed at the insightful and moving pieces that come flooding in.

If you want to keep it a bit simpler, you could always stick to a more traditional yearbook approach. Ask for a photo of each student in their lockdown habitat and ask them to write a short paragraph or sentence about what this time means to them.

Get collecting

Now that the hard work is over, it’s time to harvest the artistic treasures that your pupils have created. It’s up to how you group your submissions—it will depend on the number of students you want to include in each book. You could choose to group them by year group for example, or simply create one big yearbook for the entire school.

Cloud-based sharing is the easiest way to collect your students’ work. Encourage parents to send pieces to their child’s form teacher and, from there, the form teacher can upload their class’ submissions to a shared folder in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Get your work to WTTB

After you’ve collated the work together and decided what to include in your yearbook, simply upload your files to WTTB and we’ll do the rest. We offer a variety of options to suit your requirements, from cost-effective stitched and perfect bound books, to luxurious case bound books for that extra special finish. Get your yearbook orders in from parents beforehand so that you know what budget you’re working with and how many copies you need to get printed.

Get a yearbook to treasure forever

After we’ve done all the printing and created a bespoke yearbook that truly reflects your school and your students, we’ll ship the final results back to you and you can deliver the books to your students and teachers.

Many of us may be struggling at the minute, but it is important that we always have a reminder of how we found glimmers of hope in such a difficult time. The creative efforts and magical creations of children will not go unnoticed during lockdown. Instead, we’ll work together to create something beautiful and thought-provoking that your students will treasure for years to come. When we are finally back together again, it will serve us well to remember life when we were apart and hold on to the important lessons we learnt when we couldn’t attend school.


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