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Say Thanks with Personalised Gifts for Teachers

The end of the school year is fast approaching, which means pupils everywhere will be looking forward to a six week, long leisurely break. Teachers will also be looking forward to the holidays, after a tiresome school year working hard to educate and support their pupils. So, now is a great time to buy the teacher in your life a gift!

What to buy a teacher

There are many reasons why you should buy a teacher a gift, so it can be hard to find the perfect one. Whether you want to simply say thank you, buy a gift for a new teacher, or get the teacher in your life something they will use every day, there are plenty of gift ideas out there. There is of course the old tried and tested offerings like flowers, wine or chocolate – all of which of course are likely to be appreciated – but why not go for something really special.

What is the best gift for a teacher from students?

You can’t go wrong with personalised teacher gifts which will act as a lasting reminder of that particular student and will also show that some extra thought and initiative has gone into choosing it.

Youngsters in a particular class could band together and create something that will last a lifetime. How about making a book signed by all the members of the class with photographs of everyone and stories about projects, visits or events everyone has done together?

Another great gift idea for teachers from students is personalised stationery and office supplies. Practical presents are often ones that go down a treat, for example, a personalised mouse mat would be a lovely addition to any teacher’s desk, reminding them of all the hard work they put in for their pupils every time they use it.

Even a smart wiro notebook with their name on is something that is really useful and a gift that most teachers will appreciate – it will come in very handy in the year ahead.

If you’re a particularly creative student, how about a book of vouchers that the teacher can redeem the following year? It could be anything from “Get Miss Jones a coffee” or “Help Mr Smith clean up the classroom”. This helps you keep a relationship with your teacher in future semesters, and we’re sure teachers would love this personalised touch!

What is the best gift to give teachers from parents?

When it comes down to the question of what gifts can I give to teachers? There is no hard and fast rule. But, from the parents, a gift basket filled with food and drink as a “well done” for getting through the year with your child is often very much appreciated. For that little extra effort, you could decorate the gift basket with personalised gift tags and bespoke wrapping paper.

The school year is a long and hard slog for everyone and teachers are under more and more pressure. Parents having to educate their children at home during lockdown realised – perhaps for the first time – just how tough it can be.

What to buy a teacher to say thank you

It’s become a real tradition to buy thank you gifts for teachers, but the good news is it doesn’t have to break the bank. Chances are that they are much more likely to appreciate something that’s personal and that has real thought put into it rather than some big showy and expensive display.

One of the best ways to say thank you, is by putting it into words. So, why not create a personalised greetings card? This way you can write everything down that you have wanted to thank this teacher for, whether it’s how they have personally helped you or your child.

What to buy a male teacher

While most gifts for teachers are usually gender-neutral, you might want to get something that seems more suited for a male teacher. So, once again being inventive could be the answer.

If you don’t know what after-shave he likes, if he drinks or not or what his hobbies are, it makes it very difficult to narrow down a gift choice. Once again something personalised would provide the ideal solution – and even gives pupils the opportunity to show their creativity.

If he makes lots of corny jokes (and what teachers don’t?) then why not create your very own joke book and present it to him on behalf of the class?

He may have shared with you his favourite celebrity – it could be a sports person, a singer or a band – so why not let him take them home with him? You can imagine the fun he’ll have with a standee – a full-size cut-out of his idol! Imagine the hilarity on the last day of school, taking pictures with the class and a funny celebrity cut-out!

Of course, all of the above ideas are perfect for any teacher – as long as they have a wonderful sense of humour!

What to buy a newly qualified teacher

Coming into a school for the very first time is really daunting and those who have been at college and university will find the transition to the real world of school a huge culture shock.

If anyone needs to feel appreciated – it’s them. Putting all of that theory they’ve learned during their studying into reality in a classroom is really daunting, so they more than anyone need to feel they’re doing a good job.

Chances are they won’t mind whatever you give them, they will undoubtedly just be extremely touched that you’ve taken the time to buy them a gift. Here once again a personalised item will do the trick – can you think of anything nicer than receiving a mug with the words “you’re doing a great job!” printed on? It will make them feel appreciated, and valued and ensure everyone gets a tick for their sums!

Everyone has a newfound appreciation of the job that teachers do day in and day out – and there’s no better way to show that appreciation than with a gift that they can treasure forever. Our personalised office supplies printing and more are the perfect solutions to teacher gifts.


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