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Creative Personalised Gift Ideas For Mother's Day in Lockdown

Mothering Sunday celebrations are sure to look a little different to usual this year. Fortunately, WTTB has a variety of personalised print products to help the distance feel a little smaller.

With the UK likely to still be in lockdown on 14 March, Mothering Sunday celebrations are sure to look a little different to usual this year.

And while many won't be able to see their mum in person, WTTB has a variety of personalised products that are perfectly suited to helping the distance feel a little smaller.

Whether it's a lockdown masterpiece, a professional portrait, or a feel-good family snap,fine art printswill transform creations into beautifully crafted works of art. Choose from a range of sizes and frame colour options to create showstoppers that will display beautifully on any wall.

If you're looking for the perfect keepsake that will be cherished for years to come, personalise our range ofcoffee mugsortravel mugs. Add treasured pictures and messages to create the perfect desk or armchair companion for tea and coffee lovers!

For something standout, consider our range ofsit-eesandstandees. Life-size photos cutouts act as perfect stand-ins for loved ones, and while they'll never compare to the real thing, they'll make humourous talking points for years to come.


If size is an obstacle, why not shrink yourself with aminiaturised cutout? These desktop alternatives stand around 30cm high and make for a great personalised greeting that can be comfortably displayed on tables, counters and worktops.

Gary Peeling, CEO of WTTB, believes standees are a fantastic alternative to a card this year.

"Mother's Day is often an occasion where families spend quality time together, but this last year has forced everyone to think outside of the box when it comes to the changing restrictions," he said.

"The standees are a great way of helping the distance feel a little smaller, with more of a personal touch than a regular greetings card. It means mums can still have a little part of their children with them on their special day, whether or not they are able to see them in person."

Along with something different for Mother's Day, these products can also be used for future occasions including birthdays and Father's Day or just to let friends and family know you are thinking of them while you can't spend time together.


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