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Everything you need to know about PPE for your business

Read our guide to PPE. Find out what you will need this time around, and the different types of PPE that can help your customers feel safe.

There’s an old saying that “forewarned is forearmed.” What that means in essence is that if you’re prepared for an eventually, then you are definitely giving yourself a tactical advantage.

The spectre of Covid 19 sadly still looms large over all industries and, while hopefully we will not find ourselves back in the severe measures we’ve previously endured, any business which interacts with the public should definitely be prepared with PPE.

Hospitality, hair and beauty, leisure, retail, the arts – all of these areas were among the hardest hit when we were forced into lockdown. So, it makes sense for any business operating in these sectors – and many more besides – are completely prepared not only to combat the latest variant but to make their customers feel safe and secure.

Why do we need PPE?

PPE isn’t just confined to face masks and protective aprons. It’s about all of the measures that we put into place to ensure our businesses can operate effectively.

Even if the vaccination programme has hopefully seen fewer people end up in hospital, there’s still the perception to deal with.

Customers may stay away simply because they’re afraid, so ensuring that you create a safe environment plays a massive part in keeping your business operating – and keeping your clients coming through the doors.

Will PPE be in short supply again?

The truth of the matter is that the materials which are used for these products ARE becoming more difficult to come by, but we’re lucky at WTTB because we’ve planned ahead and can manufacture everything that our customer needs.

We are however advising everyone to put everything in place in advance and not wait until the very last minute, just in case the situation changes.

Let quote another saying - “fail to prepare is preparing to fail.”

What PPE am I going to need this time around?

We’ve already been told by the Government that face masks are a must in a whole range of public settings, but it’s also worth extending your safety measures.

We imagine most people have disposed of many of the dividers/banners/leaflets etc they had first time round – after all who really believed we would need them again? – so these should be replaced.

Pop ups or posters telling your customers of the rules, dividers or banners which keep people at a distance from each other, leaflets with reassurances of your safety procedures – all of these are a sound investment as they will take away any anxieties your clients might be feeling.

Although we have been advised to work from home, there are people who can’t do that, so it might also be worth looking at desk dividers or guards to protect those working with others.

Sanitising stations are still very much a part of everyday life so make sure yours are well signposted and well used.

Where to buy PPE

At WTTB, we have a range of Personal Protective Equipment that you can use for your business including:

· Protective screens and banners
· Social distance floor stickers
· Sneeze guards and countertop screens
· Strut cards
· Health advice posters

We are not out of the woods yet but at WTTB, we are doing everything possible to ensure your business can continue to operate in a responsible, safe and socially distanced way with our PPE & health essentials products.


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