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Festive Feeling Towards the Christmas Ads – Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Do we all love the Christmas ads? Where The Trade Buys detail the true festive feeling towards the Christmas ads.

While Christmas 2020 is set to look incomparable to most others, one thing which hasn't been cancelled (like our beloved Christmas markets) or turned into a socially distanced affair (like our Christmas get-togethers) is the annual Christmas television adverts. Every year we sit down, knowingly or not, and allow ourselves to be consumed by the magic that is the festive television marketing campaigns. The past has produced some classics – remember Sainsbury’s ‘Christmas is For Sharing’ or John Lewis’ ‘Some Gifts Are More Than Just a Gift?’ – these live long in the memory. But while we’ve got the past to look back on, now all eyes are on 2020 and what it has to offer.

Here at Where The Trade Buys, we understand the significance of the Christmas adverts. As well as uniting the nation in giving us those heart-felt, tear-jerking moments, they act as a wonderful marketing tool too!

To discover how each of the Christmas ads is being perceived by the public, we took to Twitter and started analysing tweets. We examined whether sentiment surrounding each ad and their related hashtags was positive or negative over the past seven days. We’ve pitted the brands against one another in a daily chart and also looked at some of the most commonly featured words in users tweets too – what we’ve found is pretty spectacular!

On top of the tree

Here’s what the nation has been talking about when it comes to Christmas adverts.

From Mcdonald’s ‘Inner Child’ story to the excitement of the John Lewis ‘Give a Little Love’ campaign, there’s been some amazing efforts this festive season from brands across the globe.

So, there we have the most talked-about adverts right now, with honourable mentions for those who aren’t on the list but released adverts full of Christmas spirit and emotion. Don’t forget to check out our Christmas range of products too, including personalised chocolate boxes, personalised crackersand life-size sitees.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Where The Trade Buys!


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