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How to Throw a Royal Queen’s Jubilee Street Party

This June the whole of the UK will be enjoying a four-day bank holiday, a chance to really celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne makes her the country’s longest-serving monarch, so if that isn’t worth celebrating, what is?

It’s certainly a welcome distraction from the stresses and strains of the last few years, so we all need to put on our party hats, blow up those balloons, hang that bunting and wish the Queen many happy returns!

People throughout the land will want to come together for their very own celebrations, so why not have your own gathering with your friends and neighbours and throw your very own Queen’s Platinum Jubilee street party?

And we’ve even got a sneaky way that HRH can join your celebration as well as many other Platinum Jubilee promotional products to make your event super special!

Will there be street parties for the Jubilee?

You bet your crown jewels there will be. And if you want your very own Queen’s Jubilee street party 2022 to go down in history, make sure you pull out all the stops. This starts by knowing what date is the Jubilee 2022. We can tell you the celebrations are set to run from the 2nd to the 5th of June, so start sending those Jubilee party invites out quick-smart!

How do you organise a street party for the Jubilee?

If you are planning to celebrate in your neighbourhood, then it is worth getting together and deciding what you want to do.

First thing is to set a budget. There’s no point in planning a lavish celebration if you don’t have the money to pay for it, so look at the costs you may have to incur.

Will you have to hire in chairs and tables? Are you planning to organise entertainment? Do you need a licence from the local council? Are you buying in food and drink or will everyone contribute?

You might even consider selling tickets, where the proceeds can go back to fund the event.

Consider all the basics and that’s a very good starting point. Perhaps everyone agrees to bring some food, but make sure you decide in advance who is bringing what, or you may end up with 30 plates of fairy cakes and mountains of coronation chicken!

If you want to close your road to hold your party, then you’ll need to get in touch with your local council. Sometimes they may even lend you signage and cones to mark off the area, but it’s best to check with them about the rules.

If your street is on a bus route, it’s unlikely you will get the go-ahead to close it off, so consider the safest area and perhaps arrange safety barriers to prevent people from spilling from the pavement onto the road.

You will also have to consider that you must leave room for any emergency services vehicles, on the off chance they need to be called. Even though it’s highly unlikely, it’s always better to take into consideration any possible eventualities.

And, perhaps most importantly (or maybe that’s just to us!), if you’re planning to run a bar and sell alcohol, you will need to apply for a temporary license so the sooner you check this out the better!

How can I make my Queen’s Jubilee Street Party special?

It’s a royal occasion – so let’s make it special. Why not create your very own invitations to highlight the time, place and format of the event. You could even give a preferred dress code to make it really special.

Then start to think about Jubilee decorations such as Queen’s Jubilee posters, banners and hand clappers!

You could combine these and create your very own Jubilee street party pack to give out to the neighbours.

Or why not call a meeting to come up with Platinum Jubilee street party ideas – after all two (or more!) heads are far better than one!

For added fun, why not invest in a cardboard cut-out of Elizabeth 2nd and have the Queen herself as guest of honour on the day?

And make sure you take plenty of photographs, perhaps with a Platinum Jubilee selfie frame! If you wanted to go to extra special lengths, you could create a memory album from all the images and gift it to your neighbours at Christmas time.

Why not create your own street party memorabilia? How about a personalised mug with the date and time of your event which can be sold or even given away to attendees?

You also need to think about some entertainment. If you can’t hire a professional performer, how about a quiz or two, a raffle or even a singalong? You could run a karaoke session with songs connected with royalty in some way (that doesn’t mean you have to sing Queen hits all day) or, if you get enough interest, pull together a street talent show?

You could create a programme which can be a real keepsake for an event that is unlikely to happen again in anyone’s lifetime and perhaps those attending can sign it for each other. It’s also a great way to thank those who have contributed – and it might even entice a local company or two to sponsor your party in either cash or kind.

Start planning now to ensure you have a right royal knees-up on the day!


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