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Fitness Business Names: How To Find The Right One

You know about keeping fit, getting in shape, losing weight, eating the right foods – so why not use that knowledge and skill and turn it into a business?

You’d be following in some well-worn footsteps, and while you may not become the next Joe Wicks overnight, there’s never been a better time to break into the health and fitness industry.

Personal training and wellness are very high on everyone’s priority list at the moment because most people have spent lockdown lazing around and eating too much.

So why not be the person who can help the public get back into shape?

Choosing a fitness business name

Like any start-up, choosing a name for your fitness company is the starting off point.

It needs to evoke confidence, professionalism, and integrity – after all, committing to exercise is something that requires a huge amount of motivation.

Think of the words that would resonate with someone seeking out a fitness coach or instructor. Consider as well whether you are planning to deal with a certain sector or group of people, then factor that into your pool of fitness brand name ideas.

Words like ‘elite’, ‘vigour’, and ‘vitality’ are all positive buzzwords, or if your fitness business is not just about exercise but is a more holistic offering, think of incorporating words such as ‘wellness’.

The words you choose need to relate to your target market – if your customers are serious fitness fanatics who welcome a challenge, then it’s fine to add in words such as ‘endurance’, ‘warrior’, or ‘extreme’. Of course, that’s not going to be appealing if you want to get to little old ladies who just want to have some gentle exercise!

And of course, if there’s going to be a nutritional aspect to what you’re offering, then look at ways of adding that into the mix.

Should I use my name for my fitness and wellbeing business?

There are a number of pros and cons in calling your new fitness business “Joe Brown’s Fitness”.

It does what it says on the tin and is fine if your customer base is going to be very local and they are aware of you. It’s personal, so may appeal to clients because they’re dealing with an individual rather than some anonymous corporate entity, but that can be a minus as well as a plus.

If you decide to grow and take on more staff – particularly in the case of a personal trainer – your customers may be unhappy if Joe Brown himself doesn’t show up.

Also limiting your name to “fitness” might affect your growth, especially if you’re planning to add on other services which aren’t covered by that title and may make potential clients pass you by.

It’s one of the biggest business decisions you will need to make – so before you set up your fitness brand and get your business cards printed, make sure you choose wisely.


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