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How To Get More Fitness Clients

You can do it to disco, to jazz, and even to Broadway show tunes – welcome to just some of the innovative ways that personal trainers and gyms have enticed customers to sign up with them.

The good news is that this a very receptive market, and people are constantly looking for innovative ways to get in shape or to work with someone who can put them on the right path. Now, you just have to make sure that person is you! With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to get more personal training clients.

Know your audience

It’s a good starting point to see if you have a particular customer you want to target.

Are you a personal trainer who wants to help dedicated exercisers up their game?

Do you want to partner with bodybuilders who’re preparing for their next show?

Are you interested in going into care homes and helping the elderly stay mobile?

If you do have a specific vision, then this should make selling your services to a particular customer base easier, with the proviso that you can grow into other markets if and when you’re ready.

Look at the demographic you’ve decided you’re going to cater to and see where you can target your marketing. For example, new parents may be part of a large network, a local parent and toddler group, or community organisation. Marketing to these people can be key with the benefit that they gather at places where you could leave a flyer or leaflet about what you offer.

If you want to attract clients from all walks of life, then consider what might be appealing.

Could you offer early morning sessions for people who want to exercise before work? Could you go into an office space at lunchtime and do a quick session for staff?

Think about what would work for you, and then look at ways to market it to potential customers.

How to get more gym members

There are a plethora of gyms out there, so if this is your new business, you need to find ways to draw attention to what you have to offer.

Special offers, fitness challenges, and a variety of classes that appeal to people of all interests and ages can also boost your membership.

Many people are reluctant to sign up for a gym membership because they are often tied in for a year. Once that initial burst of enthusiasm has worn off, they find they’re paying for something which they don’t use.

Consider a flexible membership scheme to bring in new customers. Offer taster sessions and promotions if you’ve got a new machine or piece of kit.

See if you can offer a variety of classes that people can sign up to without a long-term commitment. The chances are that once you have them through the door, they’ll commit to that membership!


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