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Linking the online & offline world with QR codes

QR codes are a fantastic way for any smart business to get people to engage with your product or service and should become an integral part of your print material.

We’ve all heard of QR codes – but if someone asked you what “QR” stands for would you know?

Apologies if you are aware but just incase you’re not it’s “quick response” – which is just what any business wants from its customers.

QR codes have certainly come into their own the past year or so when they’ve been a great tool in tracking people during Covid-19 and now play an integral part in orderings in bars and restaurants and the like.

But there’s so much more that you can use a QR code for – and for any smart business, it should now become an integral part of your print material.

They are a great tool in linking the online and offline world and are incredibly easy to use – so much so that you don’t even need a specific app anymore, you can simply scan them with your smartphone.

QR codes are a fantastic way to get people to engage with your product or service, no matter when you work.

You can use them to share information or even give your clients a unique experience, which can be designed to fit with their specific needs or interests.

Brands have got much cleverer in the way they use QR codes and as a result, they are reaping the benefits.

In the early days you would see codes on billboards or in other unlikely places where it was virtually impossible to scan them – not much use if you’re driving past or they’re too high up to reach.

Now however, they can be applied in a far more productive manner and should absolutely be considered part of your marketing toolkit.

A QR codes are ideal for placing on numerous products from business cards,flyers,leaflets,postersandbrochurestoappointment cards,menus,tent cards,A-framesandestate agent boards. As an interactive way to provide your customers with more information and helps them engage with you.

They can be used as an incentive that will lead to a deal or offer, which in turn can help create brand loyalty.

There’s also the added bonus of it being able to supply valuable data about your customers and what they are interested in – simply by tracking which codes have been accessed the most.

In a world where we are still cautious about too much personal contact, QR codes are a great asset to every business – and one which you definitely should not be without.


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