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2022: The Year of Book Publication

Always wanted to write and publish your own book? At WTTB, we can help you get started. Read now to find out more!

There’s a popular saying that “everyone has a book in them.” In literary circles there’s some argument about who said this first, ranging from claims it was the acclaimed writer Somerset Maughan to journalist, Christopher Hitchen.

While whoever it was that cornered the phrase may be in doubt, one thing is certain – 2022 is the year when you can finally get that book onto the page!

The world of book publishing has changed dramatically in recent years – which is really good news for anyone with a creative bent.

The main route to market in the past was to find an agent, send them your manuscript and hope against hope that they would see something in you, sign you up and then try and get a publisher to take it on board.

It’s not a process for the faint hearted, J K Rowling was famously rejected 12 times before someone took a chance on publishing her first Harry Potter book, but now everyone can ensure they create a tangible legacy.

And of course, not everybody wants to create a book with a view to it being a bestseller.

It may be a collection of family pictures and stories, a bunch of favourite recipes or even something personal that you want to give away as a gift.

The good news is that you can now create professional, short – or long – run books and this is the year to do it! Below we have outlined our advice if you have some thoughts around writing and publishing a book.

I think my book could be a best seller, how can I make sure it is?

If you have been through the frustrating process of contacting literary agents with no joy, then the answer is simple – do it yourself. You can tread in some well-worn footsteps of people who have successfully self-published and gone on to make millions.

The best example of this is undoubtedly EL James, the creator of the steamy 50 Shades series. Initially she self-published her erotic novels which have now sold more than 125 million copies worldwide – netting her a fortune of round £100m.

Now we’re not saying everyone can reach those dizzy heights but it does prove one point – that it can be done.

If you’ve written your novel and truly believe it could sell, then why not take a punt and publish it?

Think about who you think your audience is – is it for men, women, teenager or for children? Then look at clever ways of creating interest to drive sales. There are online book clubs where they will review new novels or any number of literary competitions where you could submit your book.

One self-published author based in the North of England linked up with businesses in her immediate area and organised a prize package for people who bought copies of her book and promoted it via social media.

A bit of imagination and thought can absolutely help you reach your intended audience.

My book is still an idea, so how do I get started?

Writing a novel does require discipline, so if you really believe this is the year that you’re going to put pen to paper, commit to it.

Nobody writes a book in one sitting so why not promise yourself to write a certain number of words each day and stick to that.

Planning the arc of the story is very important so don’t just sit down with an idea and hope it will all work out in the end. Once you’ve got the story in mind think about the characters and who they are – give them a backstory.

Then start to think about the plot and what “point of view” you’re going to write from. Will it be in the first, second or third person.

It’s also good to have an idea of how you want the ending to be – that’s what you’re working towards. Also remember that the average novel is between 70,000 and 120,000 words so make sure your storyline can be sustained for that length of time.

Luckily there’s plenty of good, free advice available online – or you could simply take heed of the words of celebrated author, Stephen King who says “put interesting characters in difficult situations and write to find out what happens.”

Sounds like pretty sound advice!

I’ve got an idea for a factual book

Of course, books don’t all have to be fiction. You might have an idea for a cookery book, a piece of history, a how to – think everything from crafting to DIY – the sky really is the limit.

With factual books, make sure that you have authoritative sources to back up your claims or ideas. Depending what your book is about, you could contact journalists, scientists, tv personalities…whoever can make your book as interesting as possible!

Whatever you’re drawn to, it’s now absolutely simple to bring those thoughts to life and 2022 is the year to be doing it.

At WTTB, we are launching our very own book super centre where we can take you through every step of this exciting journey and help you create that publication which would not be out of place on any bookshelf. You can choose from a range of book styles, so whether you’re after a casebound book, or a different style for your publication, we have it here for you.

The challenges of the past few years have made many people think about doing something they’ve always dreamed of – and publishing a book is high up on that list.

Research carried out in the USA showed that a staggering 81 per cent of Americans wanted to write a book but the odds of getting one published is as low as 0.0065 per cent.

Take those odds and boost them beyond all recognition – get writing and get publishing!


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