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How to make £47,000 profit from a simple print campaign

WTTB provide insight into how to persuade prospects to value what you offer...

How do you persuade prospects to value what you offer?

Often it is not by e-mail. The average e-mail makes you look just like any other company. And, if you are offering a premium product, that isn’t going to drive sales sufficiently.

It’s the same story with pay per click: seeing a promoted advert on social media does not give a prospect a sense of feeling special.

If you want to make someone feel special use print!

Although we don’t print for them, our CEO is a big fan of Palmer Sport and WTTB is a customer of theirs. They offer Business-to-Business corporate entertainment. Naturally, companies that invest in corporate entertainment want to make sure that they are buying something special for their guests. They want to invest in a memorable event where those who attend will feel that they have been valued.

Palmer Sports have a typical cost of £800 per person to attend one of their events. They are looking for clients with the right type of guest and the right type of budget. They are offering a corporate experience that is great value. However, it is definitely not the cheapest.

But how do you persuade clients that you are the right company to deliver a worthwhile experience? At this level of event, how do you create a perception of value? Palmer Sport have turned to print to drive their sales and decided to create their own brochure.

What results can print bring?

Let’s suppose that Palmer Sports want to mail their brochure to a list of 1,000 prospects. If they printed with us, their marketing investment would be £3,000 for printing and mailing. In our experience, it is possible to achieve a 4% response from a campaign like this. From our knowledge of sales values involved in an offering like this, we have estimated that those 40 responses would bring in around £96,000 revenue with a gross profit of £50,000. Deducting the cost of the brochure and mailing gives a return of investment of £47,000: over 15 times the original investment.

Of course, the results are not just in the sales. A brochure also raises awareness of the company. It helps retain existing customers who see their supplier investing in perceived high-value marking and products. And our calculations do not take the lifetime value of new customers. The total revenue could be much higher over the months and years to come.

Can you create the same results from PPC?

WTTB ran an estimate of the investment we believe would be necessary for pay per click to achieve the same revenue. We calculated the cost of the right keywords and the typical conversion rates for these keywords. We ended up with a figure that was nearly three times the cost of running the print campaign.

In today’s crowded marketplace, print drives cost-effective solutions

Print creates a sense of value that is difficult to achieve with e-mail or pay per click. It wins new business from clients that are more likely to value your products and services once they have seen your printed collateral. Even better, it’s cheaper than e-marketing channels.

WTTBs offer a wide range of print marketing solutions. Have a look here for a whole range of different brochures, all at highly competitive prices.


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