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Why Marketing for Elections Should Be Started Now

Are you ready for the 5th May?

What’s happening on this date? Local elections are taking place in many parts of the UK. There have been plenty of stories about controversial issues in domestic politics recently. Therefore people are likely to use them to declare their wider political views at this time. As a result, these elections are likely to be popular and have a high turnout.

Election candidates need print!

Candidates need to spread the word about their policies and what they stand for. They can’t do this just by knocking on doors and they don’t have access to the e-mail addresses for most people in their area. That means they have to rely on door drops. They will need election flyers and leaflets. In addition, they will want to encourage voters to declare their support. That means providing them with posters and other signs. Finally, events will need to be promoted with either banners or roller banners, depending on the size of the gathering. In addition, you may be able to offer door drop services, although many candidates will use their supporters for this.

Here's your six-step guide to selling election print

1. Check if there’s an election where you are based. Although this is a big date for local elections, they are not taking place in all areas.

2. Choose a candidate. Nice as it would be to have the monopoly on election printing, candidates are unlikely to be happy if you are working for their opponents as well! It is better to declare your allegiance to one party.

3. Approach the candidate for print. You will probably have to do this via their promoter or agent. Have a reason why they should use you rather than a previous supplier. Also be aware that a candidate may have a special relationship with an existing supplier. They are unlikely to move from a long-term supporter or donor.

4. Be prepared on what to show them. Check out our product page on election print for a full range of ideas. Remember, we also have an industry sector pdf that covers all election materials. You can download this from the reseller tools section of your account.

5. Be aware of the legalities. Your company name and details must be imprinted on everything you produce, along with the details of the candidate’s promoter or agent. For instance, if you are producing print for the Monster Raving Looney Party then all voters will see your association with them! For full legal details, download part four of this electoral commission guide.

6. Make sure that everything is timetabled correctly. Your candidate will probably want to commence their campaign around 28th March.

The time to act is now!

Election candidates will already be planning. They will need to start creating print budgets and designs. A lot of election print is pretty uninspiring. This can be your chance to help make the print look better and to advise how designs can stand out better. Make this your opportunity to create a difference in this year’s local elections!


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