Print Sales Training

Create your own sales action plan: subsidised training with print sales trainer & mentor, Matthew Parker.

You can win new business in just 4 hours a week

The best way to achieve more business is to take planned sales action. Below, print sales trainer & mentor, Matthew Parker outlines a system to create a focused 12-week sales project. Best of all, 12-week sales projects are designed to take just four hours a week.

Imagine if you had a plan that allowed you to feel confident about future sales.

Imagine if:

· You had a clear sales or marketing goal for the next 12 weeks
· You had a clear plan on what you would do to win new business week in, week out
· You knew that this was achievable in just a few hours a week, so that you could get on with all the other demands on you time
· You could measure the results
· You had a process so that you or your team could achieve this on a regular basis
· You knew that you and your company would be achieving the revenues that were needed

Right now, this could make the difference between trading successfully after Coronavirus or struggling to survive.

WTTB are here to help you

WTTB are offering the chance for you to work live with Matthew to create your own 12-week sales project. Matthew will personally guide you through the system in a small group and you will receive feedback and advice on your own plan. You start carrying out work on your plan and become accountable to Matthew.

Here’s how the training works

Every couple of weeks you will participate in a live 60-minute group call with Matthew. We expect the group to consist of no more than six people. Matthew will guide you through each stage of the 12-week sales project process.

At the end of each call you will know exactly how to put the next stage of the system into practice. You take the next steps in creating your own plan. And you receive personal feedback from Matthew to make sure you are on track to succeed.

We are offering a special low cost on this

Gary Peeling has twisted Matthew’s arm. This is available at just £125/month for a three-month programme.

BUT if you attend at least five of the six calls and keep up with the accountability, you receive 50% of the cost back in Rockstar points. That means you pay just £62.50/month.

To put this in context, Matthew charges £550/month for his 1-2-1 mentoring.

Here’s what you receive

· 2 x 60-minute calls/month
· Call recording
· Weekly accountability to Matthew via e-mail
· Feedback from Matthew at each project stage
· E-mail helpline to Matthew

Here’s what you learn

Session 1: Choosing the goal/Sales journeys
Session 2: Foundation goals
Session 3: Daily activities and accountability
Session 4: Actually getting it done
Session 5: Goal check
Session 6: Questions and the next steps

Warning: we only have space for 12 people on this programme

Matthew has strictly limited availability for this training. Therefore we have to limit access to just twelve people.

As particularly valued Rockstar, we are offering you first option on receiving one of these places. After date, if there are any spaces left we will open this up to other Rockstars. And when the twelve places are gone we have to close sign-ups.

If you want to improve your print sales results you have to take action

We all know that there is no magic wand that we can wave to make the challenges of the current situation go away. And they are not going to disappear away any time soon. This programme gives you a system that helps you to overcome these challenges. It’s specifically designed so that you can put it into practice while still getting on with all the other demands on your time.

Act now

Ready to get to work on creating your own 12-week sales project with the help of Matthew? Speak to a member of the team today via phone or email and we'll set the wheels in motion. In just a few hours a week, you'll be devising a system to help you grow your print sales and win new business.


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