Rockstar royalties!

Wanna be a Rockstar? Come and join our band!

To us, customers that use us regularly aren’t just loyal, they’re Rockstars!

We want to make sure we offer everything we can to help you enjoy Where The Trade Buys services to the fullest. And quite rightly so, our Rockstars get the best value and service from us, always.

You will become a Rockstar whenever you spend more than £300 in a single month. While we can’t promise a bathroom you can play baseball in, you’ll receive real benefits worth between £70.00 and £725.00 every month.

Rockstar Royalties

Like cash, these are awarded every month: how many you get depends on your spend the previous month. You have the opportunity to spend your royalties on any Where The Trade Buys service. Pay for a part or all of a print project, upgrade its turnaround or fund file copies and file checking, it’s up to you. But don’t hang around as they only last a month. So use them, or lose them!

  • Month
  • jagger
    Worth over £70.00
  • lennon
    Worth over £115.00
  • mercury
    Worth over £230.00
  • hendrix
    Worth over £395.00
  • bowie
    Worth over £560.00
  • elvis
    Worth over £725.00

Rockstar Royalties

It’s not just about cash, Rockstars get other benefits too. Introducing the Rockstar Riders...

#1 Rockstar Bailout

All Rockstars get into tight spots from time to time. Our Rockstar bailouts allow you to upgrade the turnaround of a project for free (does not include shipping upgrades) with a turnaround upgrade being worth up to £50.00 each.

#2 Sound Check

When you have an important gig, the free artwork checks will give you peace of mind. Worth £10.00 on each project.

#3 Video Promo

Our video file copies allow you to get a sneak peak of a project before we ship it. Not only will that give you comfort, but you can also send onto clients or colleagues so they can see what’s on the way! As always everything is white labeled, you’ll save the £5.00 fee as part of the program.